Pioneer Square Park

Pioneer Square cemetery

Pioneer Square Park is in the city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Located on the southern Vancouver Island, Pioneer Square Park lies within a few blocks east of downtown beside the Christ Church Cathedral and across the road from the Courthouse. This land was used as a cemetery from eighteen fifty five to eighteen seventy three thus is also known as the Old Burying Grounds. This park still has about one thousand and three hundred interments, remains from the eighteen year period in the mid eighteen hundreds, of which a few monuments have survived vandalism and time. A flat one and quarter hectare area, there are some older Garry oak, maple, cherry, beech and London plane trees. As a downtown park it also has some wonderful plant displays and plenty of grass covered areas. Take a break to enjoy the tranquility of the parkland or wander along the two hundred and fifty meters of paved walkways that cross the park from all sides and lead to a central memorial. This park is a popular place due to this proximity to downtown and historical interest. Pioneer Square lies along Meares Street, Quadra Street and Rockland Avenue which borders the majestic Christ Church Cathedral. If you come by early enough on Sundays you can enjoy the church bells rung by the changeringers and walk the labyrinth. Its ten bronze, an alloy of copper and tin, bells date back to the early nineteen thirties. The Old Cemeteries Society of Victoria has a walking tour for this Old Burying Ground available on their website.  Beacon Hill Park is about seven blocks south along Quadra Street. There are several green areas to enjoy along the way: Collinson Street Green Space, Mcclure Street Green Space, Rupert Terrace Green Space, Mount St Mary Hospital Green Space, St Joseph’s Green Space and the gardens of St Ann’s Academy.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 22” W123° 21′ 35”

Pioneer Square Park can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn east onto Fort Street and continue to Quadra Street where you turn south. The park is on the left side of Quadra Street between Rockland Avenue and Meares Street. The Christ Church Cathedral with its two towers is directly south of the park. There is limited roadside parking along Quadra Street. Meares Street is a one-way street with traffic moving westward. City buses travel along Fort Street.




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