Southgate Street – Beacon Hill Park

Southgate Street – Beacon Hill Park is in the seaside city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Southgate Street – Beacon Hill Park lies on the north side of Southgate Street which runs through Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, B.C. This lovely rocky green space contains several Garry oak, horse chestnut and Oregon ash trees. The lawns of this section of Beacon Hill Park are bordered by the St Ann’s Academy Gardens. A sixty five meter gravel pathway connects to the wide brickwork pathway, formed from the road right of way of Academy Close, that separates the areas. Close to the Southgate Street and Douglas Street junction are a few benches to relax at and enjoy the flower in the gardens. As part of Beacon Hill Park, pathways from this area lead south into the main areas of the park. Thunderbird Park, South Park School Green Space, St Ann’s Academy Gardens and Cridge Park are nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 07” W123° 21′ 55″

Southgate Street – Beacon Hill Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway as it becomes Douglas Street. Stay on Douglas Street at it goes through downtown and then turn left at the intersection of Southgate Street and Superior Street. This section of the park is north of the official sign seen at this western corner of the parkland. Turn onto Southgate Street and continue to the junction of Arbutus Way and Quadra Street where there is roadside parking along these streets. City buses travel to the park from downtown Victoria.


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