David Foster Walkway

store street mural water side 2

David Foster Walkway is in the seaside city of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. From Barclay Point, near Rocky Bay, to the Ogden Point breakwater is the David Foster Way. This waterfront pathway along the Inner Harbour of Victoria, B.C., is about five kilometers long. Although, it is easy to get distracted by the unique shops and restaurants in Chinatown and Old Town and the beautiful scenery, give yourself a couple of hours to explore your backyard in downtown Victoria. This meandering route leads through the unique historical areas and developments along the waterfront of Victoria. This makes it a distinctive area to explore using the parks and green spaces along the way. The north end of the walkway is near Barclay Point at the corner of Store and Pembroke streets, where the Victoria Gymnastics Club building is a landmark; this area is currently under construction and redevelopment. This grass pathway connects with the sidewalk along Store Street, which is also called Wharf Street by some businesses, and passes by the Capital Iron building, built in eighteen ninety three. The David Foster Way branches around this building so you can either continue along the sidewalk of Wharf Street or diverge to the wharf level. There are great places to see either way. The roadway to the wharf level leads to a parking lot and outdoor storage for Capital Iron. This road is extends of the western end of Discovery Street. A stroll through the parking lot leads to the Rice Mill Landing Park where Ocean River Sports has its outdoor toys. Continue past the kayak and board racks toward the boardwalk to the wharf. Turn up the trail to pass the picnic tables and an exquisite phoenix mural on the wall of the Value Village store, at 1810 Street, to reach the door-like gate that opens to Herald Street. This gate might be locked. Walk across the street, with a view of the boats and waterway of the harbour and the Victoria Ship Yard in Vic West, to the wooden staircase and boardwalk that passes through the Canoe Club patio.

Store Street Shore garden near Canoe Club 2

The board walk continues along the shoreline toward Johnston Street Bridge, past a blue oatgrass garden, and up through the parking lot to Wharf Street. The junction of Wharf Street with Johnston Street has several green spaces to enjoy as well as some outdoor art sculptures. At this point the pathway passes through Reeson Regional Park, along the boardwalk past Reeson’s Landing to the Fort Street Wharfs. Bastion Square is up the flight of wooden stairs and across Wharf Street. Or continue past the marina toward the Customs House Green which has a boardwalk that connects the two lower causeway parking areas. Continue along the waterfront past Ship Point Green to the Victoria Harbour Causeway. The David Foster Way continues along the south side of the causeway along Belleville Street. Stroll past the Parliament Building Gardens and Confederation Park to the Belleville Street Lookout, near the Belleville Ferry Terminal building. Quadra Park, Belleville Street Green, Centennial Park, Laurel Point Park, Heron Cove Park, Fisherman’s Wharf Park, the Coast Guard Rooftop Gardens and Green Space, Camel Point Green Space to reach Ogden Point.

See individual parks and green spaces along the way for waypoints along the way.

The downtown area of Victoria has several different means of transport available including bike and car taxis and harbour ferries. The Victoria Harbour Ferry stops are along the David Foster Way and include The Design District, Swift Street Landing – Mermaid Wharf, Hyack Adventure Center – Reeson’s Landing, Harbour Air wharf and Victoria Harbour Causeway – Empress Wharf, Belleville Terminal, Coast Harbourside wharf and Fisherman’s Wharf.


The City of Victoria has further information about the David Foster Way on their website.


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