British Columbia Parliament Building – Rose Gardens

Parliament Building Birdcages chair Parliament Building Rose Garden

The Legislative rose gardens were developed as a relief project in the nineteen thirties on the foundation of the one of the Birdcages of the Parliament Buildings in downtown Victoria, B.C. Rededicated to the nineteen eighty-six Premier of the British Columbia W. Bennett, the garden has several varieties of Souvenir De Baden-Baden hybrid tea roses. Designed by the B.C. Public Works chief architect H. Whittaker, the rectangular shaped rose garden has a conventional perimeter of boxwood hedges and sun dial in the center of the cross shaped concrete walking path. There are several well placed benches to enjoy the fragrance of the rose garden. About fifteen meters to the east of the rose garden, toward the library of the parliament building, is a replicate of the Speaker’s Chair with the tri-cornered hat on a table. Take a seat what has been named the most uncomfortable chair in the house. Just behind the chair is a redwood tree, possibly planted in the mid nineteen forties. Be sure to take in the lawn and birdcage outdoor areas of the BC Parliament Buildings.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 10” W123° 22′ 16″

British Columbia Parliament Building – Rose Garden can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along as the highway becomes Douglas Street. Turn onto Belleville Street and follow turn left onto Menzies Street. The rose garden is on the right half way along the street. There is limited roadside parking in this downtown area of Victoria.

Maps, photographs and a walking tour of the Parliament Building gardens can be found on the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia website.


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