James Bay Community School Green Space


James Bay Community School Green Space is in the seaside City of Victoria, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. With the large sports fields of MacDonald Park on its west side, James Bay Community School Green Space lies along both Oswego Street and Simcoe Street. Built during the nineteen seventies, the single story school building hosts a kindergarten to grade five student population during the school year and community events in the evenings. The school yard has a few paved areas marked for games, such as four squares, and a large playground. The playground is on a wood chip base. There are three sets of equipment. For those who might be interesting in brachiate locomotion, there is an elaborate climbing and multi level playset that has a couple of different slides, one that is quite high. Next to this are six swings that are well shaded by the trees that line the southern side of the playground. The other playset has a couple of slides and different balancing structures. This would be great for beginners to use for parkour styled fun, otherwise known as play. Earnest Todd Park is to the west and can be accessed by crossing the grassy fields of MacDonald Park. Todd Park with the tennis courts is about half a block further. Westward along Simcoe Street near the James Bay Athletic Association is the James Bay Community Garden. Ogden Point Park, Holland Point Park, Irving Park and Fisherman’s Wharf are also nearby.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 3” W123° 22′ 44″

James Bay Community School Green Space can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Continue along the highway is it becomes Douglas Street. Follow Douglas Street to  turn right onto Superior Street and follow to Oswego. Turn left onto Oswego Street and look for the school yard at the junction of Simcoe and Oswego Streets. There is limited street side parking and a small parking area off of Simcoe Street. City buses travel along Oswego Street.


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