Goldie Park

Goldie Park Goldie Park 3

Goldie Park is in the Thetis Heights neighborhood of Langford, B.C. Langford is one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. The park is about half a hectare in size with a playground that was built with support from the Kinsmen Club in the year two thousand. The play area is partially surrounded by a chain-link fence and concrete walkway. A pea-gravel base lies under the paired toddler and child swings. The swings are next to the wooden playset that is designed for toddlers. A ramp leads to the bright yellow tunnel that is beside blue and white tic-tac-toe tiles. There are also a couple of steps up to the tower which can be exited using the yellow slide. This park has a few places that are good for parkour too. There are picnic tables and benches near the playground. Goldie Trail is a wide footpath about fifty meters further along Goldie Road. It follows the stream to the unique riveted steel bridge that crosses over Mill Stream. The gravel trail on the left side of the park leads to Mill Stream Creek Park. A long board walk and wooden foot bridge allow access across Mill Stream. This gravel trail continues south toward the Millstream Elementary School Green Space and Treanor Road. Kestrel Rason Green Space, Thetis Lake Park, Haley Rae Place Green Space, Peacock Place Green Space, Bellamy Park, Gourman Park, Millstream Creek Trail and Park are nearby. Well shaded by tall cottonwood and cedar trees, Goldie Park is a great place to explore in your backyard.

Geographic location N48° 28’06” W123°29’49”

Goldie Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and continue to Treanor Avenue, where the log house pub lies on the corner. Turn right onto Treanor Avenue then make a left turn onto Bellamy Road. Continue up the hill to reach Goldie Avenue then turn left. There is parking near the playground at 649 Goldie Avenue. City buses travel along Bellamy Avenue and Phelps Road.


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