Eakin Park

Eakin Park is in the seaside community of Sooke, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This park is on the ridge with a hundred step staircase that leads down to the beach.  There is a short rough gravel pathway with benches that leads to Sooke Bluff Park. There is plenty of salal and tall fir trees in this parkland. Take the 30 meter drop to the shore to the large cobble and stone beach. The rocky shore line is narrow along this section of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The view is across the Strait to the Olympic Mountains of the State of Washington in the United States. Parsons Point and spit lie to the east, Muir Point is to the west. W. R.  Parsons was the second master on HM Herald during the survey voyage in eighteen forty-six when Captain Kellett named the point after him. When stairs are part of your stroll, this is a great place to walk in your backyard.


Geographical location N48º 21’ 24”  W123º 44’ 37”


Eakin Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway. Take the Langford Parkway exit and follow along to reach Sooke Road (Hwy 14). Follow highway 14 through Sooke to reach the West Coast Road. Continue along the West Coast Road to turn left onto the Whiffin Spit Road. Follow Whiffen Spit Road to reach Deerlope Road. Turn right and continue along as it becomes Austins Place. There is limited parking near the trail to Eakin Park. City buses travel along the West Coast Road.



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