Alton Lane Park

Alton Lane Park 7 Alton Lane Park 8

A playground area with benches, picnic tables and viewpoints make Alton Lane Park a unique outdoor area in Langford, B.C. Located onto the top of a one hundred and fifty three meter high ridge, Alton Lane Park has swings with seat for toddlers, a small play house and rocking toys all set in a fine gravel base. Arbutus trees are plentiful on the rocky area that forms the park. A split cedar fence lines the perimeter of the park which is along the metamorphosed rocks. There are several places that provide views from this Bear Mountain Florence Lake neighborhood. Harrow Gate Park, Stone Gate Park, Setchfield Park, Arngask Park, Bishops Gate Park and Bear Mountain Parkway Green Space are nearby. There is a short gravel pathway from Alton Lane and a concrete footpath from Stone Gate that connect to the park.

Geographic location N48° 28’18” W123°30’45”

Alton Lane Park can be reached from the Trans Canada Highway also called Hwy1. Turn at Millstream Road and turn left onto Bear Mountain Parkway. Continue along BMP to reach Stone Gate Road. Turn right onto Stone Gate Road and then take the first right to Harrow Gate Road. Take the first left onto Alton Lane and look for the trail that leads up the slope to the park. There is also a concrete sidewalk from along Stone Gate that leads into the park. There is parking along the road.


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