Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary

Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary is in the Highlands, one of thirteen communities of the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. This sanctuary is located on southern Vancouver Island. Border by private property on eight of its nine sides, the Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary abuts the Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park to the west and northwest. The sanctuary, named after a former councilor of the Highlands, includes Garry Oak, Douglas Fir, Arbutus and meadow lands with moss covered rocks in its sixty eight hectares. The area has old logging trails from the activity of early settlers in early nineteen hundreds. There is limited trail access into the sanctuary with exception to the school-based weather station on a 221 meter tall hill. The trail along Old Mossy Road is a great place to start a walk toward Hazlitt Creek Park.

Geographical Location N48° 32′ 13″ W123° 30′ 22″

You can possibly access Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary from the end of Old Mossy Road or from Gowlland-Tod Provincial Park trails. Possibly as this is the only easement access from a roadside that is not private property. The sanctuary is reached by following Millstream Road north from Hwy 1 to Millstream Lake Road junction with Munn Road. Cautiously travel along Millstream Lake Road then turn left onto Hazlitt Road. Old Mossy Road is the next road to the right. There is limited parking along this road.

Cal Revelle Nature Sanctuary, Old Mossy Road, Highlands

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