Memorial Park, Esquimalt, B.C.


Memorial Park is in the seaside community of Esquimalt, one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Located across from the Esquimalt Municipal Hall and near the Esquimalt Plaza, the park is great place to enjoy a stroll away from the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping center of Esquimalt.  The park is conspicuous by the large Canadian flag on the flagstaff in the park. There is a large memorial cenotaph built in nineteen twenty four to commemorate Canadian soldiers killed in the first world war. The park was formed for this purpose. Nestled beside it are two second world war trophy field guns.  These unique historic weapons are a 7.7cm Feldkanore model 1896 neuer Art and a smaller short range combat weapon for antitank use. The smaller one has smaller wheels. They have been part of the park since inception.

The park is landscaped with grass covering most the areas around the semi-circular concrete and brick pathway. The pathways are connected at the cenotaph. An asphalt pathway leads to the Park Terrace. The gardens in the park are worth a stroll. There are seasonal garden beds as well rose garden plots to enjoy. Several tall Garry oak, Douglas fir, arbutus and horse chestnut trees provide shade in the park. A coronation oak, planted in nineteen thirty-seven, lives at this park. The Querus robur honors the coronation of King George the sixth; there was an estimated two hundred trees planted for the coronation throughout the commonwealth.


There are a couple of elaborate sets of child and toddler friendly play area with lots of unique play equipment including the M.V. Centennial a metal tug boat. The play area has swings and multiple climbing apparatus. There is also a grassy area to lounge or to play.  Or enjoy watching the activities from the picnic tables and benches that line the park.  The park is partially fenced with a chain linked fencing near the play areas. There are public toilets across the street at the library at the back of the Municipal Hall. Highrock Cairn Park, Drake Green Space and Esquimalt Adventure Water Park are nearby.


Geographical Location N48º 25’ 49” W123º 24’ 47”


Memorial Park can be reached from the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy1). Exit onto Tillicum Road to head south. At the junction with Craigflower Road continue along as the road curves to become Lampson Street. Follow Lampson to Esquimalt Road. Turn right onto Esquimalt Road and continue along  and look for the park on the right. There is no limited street parking along Esquimalt Road. Some parking can be found near the library as well as along Park Terrace. Access to Park Terrace is from along Grenville Avenue. Turn right onto Grenville Avenue then take the next right onto Park Terrace. Buses travel along Esquimalt Road. This park might best access by walking, hiking, cycling or running as there is very limited parking and which is available has many restrictions.


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