Confederation Garden Plaza

Confederation Park trees Confederation Plaza fountain

Confederation Garden Plaza is in the seaside city of Victoria, B.C., one of thirteen communities that form the Capital Regional District of British Columbia. Refresh your memory on the Coat of Arms for Canada’s provinces and territories at the Confederation Garden Plaza, maintained by the British Columbia Legislative Assembly. This plaza is often referred to as centennial park.

Take a moment to watch the spray of the central tiered water fountain and waterfall before observing the Coat of Arms shields. The shields hang on a concrete and rock wall with a cascading waterfall. Each shield maybe somewhat familiar since most provincial and territorial flags duplicate parts of the symbols. There are also dates for confederation for each region in Canada. The fountain and plaques are lit at night.

There is small lawn area near the large plaza with knolls of granite rocks that form the bedrock for much of Southern Vancouver Island. Shore pine trees and other plants are seen near the northern side of the park while a weeping cedar covered entrance is found on the south side. This plaza hosts a couple of other monuments. Learn about the historical agreement for the border of western Canada between Great Britain and Russia from the two sea otters, hunted for their pelts, beside a book-like plaque. Find the female statue lifting an olive branch and bird that acknowledges the MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion. The Spirit of the Republic Statue honors those Canadians who volunteered to fight in Spain just prior to the second world war (and whose name came from Louis Joseph Papineau and William Lyon MacKenzie, disparate leaders in the eighteen thirty seven rebellion in Canada). Those interested in the history of this statue can read about it here:

Pathways to the plaza of the Confederation Garden are from Quebec Street, Belleville Street and Menzies Street. There are many parks and green spaces near the plaza like Quadra Park, Belleville Street Green, Centennial Park, Laurel Point Point, David Foster Way, Parliament Buildings Gardens, Thunderbird Park, Irving Park, South Park, Empress Hotel Gardens, Cridge Park and Beacon Hill Park. There are also many view points and eating places to enjoy in the downtown Victoria and James Bay.

Geographic coordinates N48° 25′ 14” W123° 22′ 18″

Confederation Garden Plaza can be reached from Blanchard Street. Turn onto Belleville Street and follow to past Douglas Street. The plaza is across the road from the Parliament Buildings and next to the Hotel Grand Pacific. It is bordered by Quebec, Menzies and Belleville streets which have limited roadside parking in this area of downtown Victoria, B.C.


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